Industrial Product

Power Distribution Unit(PDU)Learn more

The third-generation patented products with variety of unique technologies. Exclusive use for cabinet. The first choice for IDC.

Surge Protection Device(SPD)Learn more

Olympic products with military quality, all series for lightning protection.

Towe provides power &communication system lightning protection in all scenes.

Industrial connectorLearn more

It is a safer and more reliable industrial electrical connection with waterproof and dustproof performance,and widely used in server room, factory, airport, wharf.


CCTV Building

CCTV headquarters locates in CBD of Beijing. It contains CCTV headquarters building, TV culture center, service building and celebration square.

National Observatory Center

The National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established in April 2001, including headquarters and 4 directly affiliated units. Its headquarters is in Beijing.

Zhangjiakou Military airport

The airport is a military-civilian dual-purpose airport for military and civilian use.

Tsinghua University

As one of the top universities in China, Tsinghua University has the domestic and international leading teachers

Agriculture Bank of China

The bank’s daily office work relies on a large-scale electronic information processing platform equipped with 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply.


The office building of the Shenyang Railway Bureau is a comprehensive business processing agency, which is more prominent than the surrounding buildings.


Liaohe Oilfield is a large-scale joint venture supplemented by multiple developments such as oil and natural gas exploration and development, and deep processing of oil and gas.

Beihai Park

Beihai Park is located in the downtown area of Beijing, on the west side of the Jingshan Hill and the northwest of the Forbidden City.

National Stadium(Bird's Nest)

The National Stadium (Bird's Nest) is located in the southern part of Beijing Olympic Park, and it’s the main stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.



As the leading company in the industry, Beijing TOWE always insists on providing customers with high-quality professional systemized solutions, a full range of advanced products and comprehensive technical support and services. Adhering to the service concept "smile, integrity, quickness, profession and satisfaction", TOWE provides professional O2O 7X 24 hours online service, with safe and convenient electrical connection and protection for the Internet of Everything.

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Beijing TOWE`s products and solutions have been widely used in the military, power, telecommunications, finance, government, education, health, petrochemical, transportation and railway industries. The business covers product design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services. Based on a deep understanding of the demands of the electrical industry, Beijing TOWE always provides customers with efficient and high-quality systematic industrial solutions, a rich product line to meet the diverse demands of users.

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With social progress and the development of science and technology, people have a new understanding of the electrical safety and lightning protection. As the leader of the industry, through continuous accumulation and summary, Beijing TOWE shares the professional knowledge of lightning protection, electrical safety and intelligent electrical control as reference.

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Today, electrical connection and protection technology has been widely used in electric power, communications, electronics, computers, civil engineering and other industries. Beijing TOWE official website has carefully compiled a large number of professional materials such as lightning protection, PDU, Internet of Things, electrical safety and so on. Welcome everyone to learn and communicate, to meet the IoT era with the most professional products and knowledge.

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